Offers you can’t refuse?

By: Marika Lüders, 06.04.2018 When Spotify was launched in Sweden in 2008 and throughout large parts of the world in consecutive years, the service was an offer almost too good to be true. A decade later, people pay for streaming services they actually use.   Spotify insists on retaining the two-tire freemium/premium model, yet services... Fortsett lesing →

A Swedish breakthrough for streaming books

Av Terje Colbjørnsen, 07.03.2018. When we talk about streaming, it is most often with reference to Spotify and Netflix (possibly also YouTube). The STREAM project attempts to widen the frame of reference by also looking at other services and by considering other industries than music, film and television. Take, for instance, the book industry. In... Fortsett lesing →

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