New paper maps the core actors and flows in streaming video service through Netflix as case

Today Anders Fagerjord and Lucy Küng’s new paper Mapping the core actors and flows in streaming video services: what Netflix can tell us about these new media networks got published. The paper forms a thorough overview of the main technologies used when streaming television from production to the viewers, the main players that are involved, and the revenue flows between them. And find that streaming services are “new beasts” – somewhere in between a media company and a technology company. 

“Streaming” services are a new and fast-growing element in media industry eco-systems – examples include Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Video, and Spotify. For customers, these simply represent an additional means of consuming digital content, but for the media industry and the scholars who research it, these organisations are complex. They represent not only a new technological option for the distribution of content, but also new ways of financing and licensing that content, for acquiring audiences and communicating with them, for charging for content, and for the creation, categorisation, and consumption-analysis of content.

By using Netflix as a case Fagerjord and Küng explore the flow of actors and technology. Which they studied through company reports, industry reports, and press accounts. They map five sets of actors: content providers, Netflix itself, primary distribution, secondary distribution, and device makers. Between these, Fagerjord and Küng observe four flows: video, intellectual property rights, revenue, and data. The researchers also find that streaming services are “new beasts”, very reliant on external partners, and with a strong focus on technology. Streaming services may not be just media companies or technology companies but somewhere in between.

Read the full article here:




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